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What is a Certified Secure Code Developer ?
C-AtraX Secure Code Developer
This course teaches the programmers on how to exploit(hack) and defend against various attacks on PHP language. The course is designed around OWASP Top10 which is common standard which is used in design, architecture, testing of web applications. It also has Demos of exploitation and Defense. It gives students practical insight into coding web application in PHP securely.

Certified Secure Code Developer Course Outline.
CSCD course Outline

Few key points about Our CSCD training.

  • Each hacking attack is performed live in labs.
  • CSCD training is taught by professional penetration testers.
  • CSCD is 100% practical training based on real scenarios.
  • Free premium tools used in training.
  • Training is based on both Offensive and defensive tactics.
  • CSCD Certificate is earned after passing practical lab exam.
  • Free Guidance up to 2 months after training.
  • Free Retakes and study material.
  • Students will be able to counter remote and client side attacks.
  • Basic Labs will be given free to students for practicing.
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