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Umar Masood Faruki Chairman C-AtraX Euro Consult
Umar Masood Faruki
Chairman, Institute of Cyber Security
As Chairman Umar Masood Faruki is overall in-charge of company affairs and coordination of ongoing projects. Thirty-five years of experience and progressively increasing responsibilities in a managerial position in the area of research and Business development. He is Howard University graduate from the United States, he has also served as Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan twice.
CEO C-AtraX Chaudhry Mansab Ali
Chaudhry Mansab Ali
Founder & Vice President, Institute of Cyber Security
Chaudhry Mansab is a famous Pakistani hacker specialized in Cyber security expert. He is responsible for business development, of the company, he has also served as project head of national cyber security USA , Which was covered by various international News media Including CNN, BBC, and Fox News, etc. Mansab is also leading institute of Cyber Security a Baby project of C-Atrax Pvt. Ltd as VP.
Rafay Baloch
Rafay Baloch
Co-Founder, Institute of Cyber Security
Rafayhas been conducting security research for over 8 years. He is author of "Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Guide" and has also written several papers on information security, namely "HTML5 Modern Day Attack Vectors" and "Web Application Firewall Bypass." Rafay has helped many organizations find vulnerabities and has produced hundreds of responsible disclosures. He is best known for finding a remote code execution vulnerability inside PayPal for which he was awarded. He also uncovered several zero days in Android browsers, for which He was listed as one of the top 25 threat seekers of 2014 and top 5 ethical hackers of the world by Checkmarkx. He helped many Organizations including Google, Facebook Microsoft, Twitter, and Dropbox to improve their security.
Mudassar Saleh COO C-AtraX
Shahid jamal tubrazy Director legal affairs C-AtraX
Kamran Saifullah CTO C-AtraX
Inaamul Haq mansoor
Mudassar Saleh

Shahid Jamal
Director, Legal Affairs

Kamran Saifullah

Inaam Ul Haq
Head of Digital Marketing

Shehroz Akhtar
Head of Administration

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