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What is a Certified Metasploit Expert ?
C-AtraX Certified Metasploit Expert
The CME certification helps in building a strong career in IT security by providing a gradual but comprehensive learning on Metasploit Framework.
The course is based on real time extensive training so that students can lead any real-time security attack successfully. Moreover, the purpose to provide real case studies and to enable them to join any industry right after finishing their CME course. This Course is a practical topic and to get complete skill and knowledge on it the student would have to spend time in the lab, exploiting dozens of computers/networks, operating systems (including windows, linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Redhat etc).
The Certified Metasploit Expert (CME) is an online course covering basic to advance topics on Metasploit Framework. The course is designed for penetration testers, network administrators and security enthusiasts. The certification is designed for IT professionals looking for a boost in their careers. The CME course let professional sharpen their skills and experience over Metasploit Framework.
The C-AtraX Certified Metasploit Framework Expert (CME) exam is an online certification exam on Metasploit Framework. The course is based entirely on practical work and hands- on training that will test student’s ability to think out of box. The student’s skills and knowledge is tested by putting real-life case scenarios.
At C-Atrax, students are offered labs as part of their hands on training because they need to start their career right after finishing their certification. We offer students training exercises on network configurations with firewalls, IDS, switches and routers and other vulnerable machines. These training exercises are categories at three levels beginner, difficult to advance aiming to provide a gradual learning curve to each individual.
Moreover, our step by step knowledge and skill evaluation technique will help students know their progress. We help each student on individual aptitude to make sure every one of them bring out the best in them.
On completion of course, a certification is issued to verify that the candidate has passed written and hands on test and is now ready to serve the industry. The Certified Metasploit Expert CME exam is most sought after exam after CHCE and CKE.

Certified Metasploit Expert Course Outline.
CME outline
CME outline

Few key points about Our CME training.

  • Each hacking attack is performed live in labs.
  • CME training is taught by professional penetration testers.
  • CME is 100% practical training based on real scenarios.
  • Free premium tools used in training.
  • Training is based on both Offensive and defensive tactics.
  • CME Certificate is earned after passing practical lab exam.
  • Free Guidance up to 2 months after training.
  • Free Retakes and study material.
  • Students will be able to counter remote and client side attacks.
  • Basic Labs will be given free to students for practicing.
Are You Ready to Become Certified Metasploit Expert?
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