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Our Brand Ambassadors are Our Pride. Our Ambassador Program is our first step toward change in Digital Society. The second step is acceptance.
Our Brand Ambassadors are Our Awareness Ninjas.
Become Our Brand Ambassador Today !
The Core Focus of Institute of Cyber Security is to make Pakistan a Cyber Secure Country by Teaching, Serving and Creating Awareness in Public Sector. If you want To be a part of awareness campaign Join us today as Our Brand Ambassador.
Key Focus of Our Ambassadors is to Promote awareness About Following Topics in Their Community.

Cyber Harassment

Cyber Harassment is a main problem which female internet users face. We are working to aware victims about such tactics..

Information Warfare

Information Warfare is a New tactic in which Information is manipulated to support a propaganda.

Online Scams

All Online attacks are similar as in most of them someone offers you something for something.

Cyber Crime Bill

New Cyber Crime Bill has been passed in National Assembly. There is a core need to inform public about its Pros and Cons.

Computer Hacking

Every day hackers hack thousands of computer for different agenda i.e Blackmailing, Data stealing Etc. Anti Hacking awareness is in our top focus

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is art of exploiting human behavior. An internet surfer should must know about it.
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